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Layout of site

This website reflects the diverse interests I have. The Page labelled Science covers my more academic ad theoretical interests, but it is also written to give an indication of who I am.

The page labelled Carina Chemical Laboratories outlines current practical scientific work in the area of biofuels and seaweed-derived skin gels. Links are provided for further information. Then follows an outline of the work carried out from 1986 to about 2008 relating to durene, pyromellitate derivatives, agar, agarose, the preparation of a number of seaweed derivatives, and some work in plastics recycling.  Information on these projects may be available on inquiry.

The page labelled Books - Scientific outlines four scientific books that are  written first to explain how I see the scientific method, and second to archive some of my original scientific theories or scientific thinking. My background in science has led me to believe that not every current argument you hear is true. The basis for my alternatives is that much current data has not been properly analyzed, or even worse, important information has not been properly recognized. To summarize these scientific books, the most important point is that if properly analyzed and if all data is incorporated, a correct theory will account for all observations. If any theory cannot accommodate nature, the theory is wrong.

The page labelled Books - Fiction presents my entry to self-publishing fiction. These tend to be "science in fiction" novels, and links to purchase are presented.

The page labelled Music briefly outlines a further interest that is more personal.  For amusement only, a free download of one of my simpler piano compositions is offered. This requires moderate pianistic technique.

The pages labelled Who am I? is self explanatory, while the page labelled Links and Contacts lists some links to other relevant sites, including my science blog at the Royal Society of Chemistry, my general blog at and my author home-page at Amazon, together with my email contact address.