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1. Free ebook promotion

Blog post "Free Advertising for Indie Authors"

Hal Fickett, who is supporting indie authors

For authors:

1  Finding an agent

Preditors and Editors - a guide to what you can expect and warnings about the bad ones
Querytracker   - a good list of agents
Author Advance - another good list
1000 Literary Agents  -  self-explanatory.

2.  Help for Independent publishing

Authors helping authors  - self-explanatory
Independent writers   -   a new site for publishing short demonstration work


Petrucci Music Library  -  a source for free public domain sheet music


A catalogue of exoplanets
The Planetary Society
NASA  - an entry to just about everything relating to NASA's space exploration program
Jet Propulsion Laboratory   -   a wealth of information relating to the solar system

New Zealand  links:

Seaweed Association Of New Zealand: