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As a student at the University of Canterbury, I became interested in classical music, and took up composition with no particular training. During my PhD I attended some cultural music courses (not for a degree). I may eventually list these early works, depending on the response to what I do present, but they are:

Computer-generated pieces can be played freely, while the links show where to purchase the scores.
(a) Suite number one. Five simple pieces, but I still play them for amusement.
(b) Piano sonata number 1. Four movements in pentatonic scales. An exercise to construct a major piece from one very simple theme.
(c) Two pieces for pianoforte. Attempts at a new form.
(d) Song cycle, based on Thomas Hardy’s “She, to Him”. Written for a contralto friend.
(e) Piano sonata number 2. This was written following finals but prior to music courses.
(f) String quartet. This was put together from some of the composition course exercises for a professional quartet. It was not performed.
(g) Flute sonata movement.
(h) Wedding music for a small church (and for Claire).
(i) An orchestral piece. This was written in late 70s for a competition, but seems to have been lost Finally, as business has made fewer demands on my time.
(j) Piano sonata number 3.
(k) Piano sonata number 4.
(l) Suite number two. Six small pieces for piano.
(m) Two Minuets. Two simple pieces for my two granddaughters.